Forest in the office

Architects: Aleksei Goriainov, Mikhail Krymov

In a daily work life in the Open Office we face with a number of problems, which often seriously influence the quality of employees’ work. Usually common areas are big, noisy and empty without any comfort and individuality.

We suggest a number of products united together through the idea of mobility, soft shapes and different textures, which together form a sense of "live" office, reducing the effect of the visual monotony.

Our ”forest in the office” includes an acoustic comfort , a visual smoothness of lines , different colors of finishing and as a result -the exclusivity of the finished open space.


Stationary workplace

The system "forest in the office" involves two types of partitions that may be configured in one or two lines. You can also use the flexible elements of each of the partitions to create the uniqueness of the individual workspace.

The partitions are made of bent metal sections with hinges which can fix some of the elements with the possibility of self- modeling a workspace. Polyurethane foam plates are mounted in the  each item that allows you to achieve a good sound insulation, which is essential for an employees’ work in an Open Space. For convenience, each partition is equipped with LED light sources.

A tissue for furniture lining is used for the finishing that may have different textures and colors, allowing you to make a variety of office interiors.

The module is equipped with tissue valves for a wires and cables supply to the workplace. Partitions may be used separately from the desktop for the zoning area.


Negotiation zone

A flexible screen “Peta”l was developed for negotiations and informal communications. It may be located in the offices of frame buildings and installed on one of the columns. A free-standing screen is equipped with an original cylindrical rack.

Due to flexible construction elements the screen may be moved to any place in the office and may be located with a varying radius.


Mobile workplace

This project is made for temporary employees and visitors. It can also be a place for an individual work or phone calls.

Partitions are made from the bent acrylic plates, solidly interconnected with metal rivets. A tabletop of MDF is attached to the plates.

Each tabletop can be fitted with a group of sockets, and has the ability to connect an electrical equipment to your office.

The mobile workplace may also have a different color scheme.