Dispatch center of “Aeroexpress” company

Moscow, Sheremetyevo airport, Aeroexpress railway station, 4th floor

Architects: Michael Krymov, Aleksei Goriainov

Project and realisation: 2011-2012

Area: 4000 sq.m.


Dispatch center

From the open space of the Aeroexpress main office, the entrance opens into the dispatch and situation center. CDC (Central dispatch center) is separated from the work zone by a curved glass wall, behind which a lit logo on the red background is located. The image of the CDC visual common space is inspired by the aircraft engine. This theme is also supported by the common space layout and by the seemingly flying neon lights on the ceiling. The central part of the ceiling in both halls is made ofbent metal panels that emphasize the common idea. The layout of the interior is built around the central axis, on which the conference room and the dispatch office are located. This assures good view of the video wall from the conference hall. Entry into each of these main facilities requires different security levels and is done independently.
An entry vestibule is provided for a better soundproofing of the conference room. Between the outer arc-shaped stained glass and the conference room, an image element is located on the outside, which serves as a light box with the company logo. On the conference room side, the box contains Aeroexpress exhibition shelves with backlight. On the wall left to the entrance, a video conference screen is located. The dispatch office houses three dispatchers. Behind the curved video wall a hermetic zone is located. The wall surface featuring video cubes is finished with black perforated metal sheets. Shift manager’s office is separated from the dispatch hall with a full height glass partition. The dispatcher’s wing-shaped desk is made of white Corian and stainless steel. 2 auxiliary rooms are located next to the conference room and dispatch hall: a room for snacks and drinks by the conference room side and a rest room by the dispatch hall.
Conference table, dispatcher’s desk, lights and all decorative elements are custom built.

Finish and materials:
Between the conference room and the dispatch hall, a triplex glass with variable transparency is used. The conference room and the dispatch hall are finished with a combination of Alucobond, stainless steel sheets, glossy plastic, painted, frosted and transparent glass, mesh, concrete-like decorative plaster. The floor is covered with a red carpet and iron-treated concrete.