The reconstruction concept of Luzhniki Olympic Complex Swimming Pool, Moscow

Architects: Aleksei Goriainov, Mikhail Krymov, Irina Cociuc, Elena Utkina, Ekatherina Schelokova, Konstantin Kuhranov, Vitaly Verbitsky, Andrey Zubkov, Maria Stepanova, Ilya Vasilyev

Client: Luzhniki Olympic Complex

Design: 2014

Gross building area: 47,652 m2

Land plot area: 32627 m2

Built-up area: 12373 m2

Floors: 5 fl.

Underground floors: 1 fl.

The total area of water surface: 5081 m2

Total number of parking spaces: 384 

Number of parking spaces in the underground parking: 62 

Number of parking spaces on the ground level parking: 322 

Max elevation point: +26,000 m


Visualisation   Airchitects


Mission statement

Olympic Complex Luzhniki is unique place for Russia and Europe that represents a single architectural ensemble of buildings.

Pool building - one of the two buildings that make up a single composition with a Grand Sports Arena (Luzhniki Stadium). Therefore it is necessary to keep three facades of the existing building so as not to disrupt this ensemble.

This pool building is actually the main object at the entrance to the territory of the Luzhniki Olympic Complex from the Vorobyovy Gory metro station. This means that the south -eastern facade becomes the main for the renovated pool building. This facade must be modern and interesting to attract visitors.

Thus the main idea is to unite in one project the existing architecture and modern, creating a solid and harmonious way. This will allow the renovating pool building still be a part of the existing architectural ensemble and at the same time become a modern sports and entertainment facilities that meet the highest industry standards.


Main points of the concept

The proposed external solution design of the building consists of three major elements:

1. Older existing facades.

2. New glass volume.

3. Curved shell roof.

Existing north- west facade we keep completely because it has a very expressive and recognizable silhouette that connects the other two colonnaded facades.

The new glass volume as a whole has a simple rectangular structure, built in a square of historic facades, and playing background and subordinate role, to create no visual conflict of old and new. It performs the function of a binder between the old architecture and contemporary.

Roofing is the most expressive element of modern building. It is a single plane as if lowered down on the entire complex and take it smoothed contours. It's still a small separation from the old facades and new interior volumes. From the ground the roof itself is almost not visible, it only forms a silhouette of the building but it’s clearly visible from the metro bridge and automobile overpass.

Principles of urban and structural and spatial concept.

There are several major factors influencing the formation of the building volume:

1. Three historic facade of the Grand Sports Arena.

2. Location of the entrance area from the metro station side.

3. Necessity in a large, open space entertainment area.

4. The building orientation relative to the sun.

5. View of the building from metro bridge and from pass along the Grand Sports Arena.

In general for the volume formation of the building it is very important the fact that the main points of view from the city are the metro bridge and overpass. The complex also can be seen from the opposite bank of the Moscow River. All other species are located in the territory of the Luzhniki Stadium and if you want to see the buildings you need to purposefully come in Luzhniki.

The entire complex is covered with a single coating. It gently wraps around the internal structure, forming a soft silhouette of the building. In general roof falls from north to south, from the far corner of Grand Sports Arena to the opposite corner, which houses the recreation area entrance. This allows to solve three problems: target plane of the roof strait to the Metro Bridge, minimally close Grand Sports Arena, made the maximum turn of windows in the roof to the sun. In three places of the roof over the main areas there are ​​large openings closed by glass to ensure their good insolation. Glazing apertures can be open ​​to allow visitors to sunbathe in the summer.

Water park zone is located along the well-lit south-west side of the building. This is due to the need of maximum insolation. On both sides zone is framed by historic colonnades. In this case we get a beautiful view of the water park on Grand Sports Arena and panoramic views of Luzhniki parkland across the colonnade.

All other functions of the complex form a single five-story volume which stretches along the opposite north- east side so as not to obscure the entertainment zone and the entrance.

The entrance area is also situated in the most illuminated part and appears to be a large, spacious space. From the entrance area you can immediately see the entire internal structure of the building: a swimming pool in a glass cube, the main entertainment area with water attractions, five-story multi-block, historic colonnade, wavelike cover.

Water Park zone

Water park zone is located on the second and partly on the ground floor of the building.

It is divided into three parts:

1. Slides and attractions area.

2. Recreation area, food and children's area.

3. "Nature" recreation area (1st floor).

The main part of the water park - slides and attractions area. It consists of the following elements:

1. Wave pool with beach.

2. Different kinds of slides.

3. Two FlowRider machines (children and professional) simulating an ocean wave for surfing. Professional attitude allows you to simulate the falling part of the wave and perform complex tricks.

4. Deep pool with climbing wall above the water, low platforms for diving, bungee, etc. Climbing wall is composed of three parts of different height. It is not usual curve wall but ultramodern design of glass elements attached to it. It suites perfectly to overall design concept.

5. Slow (lazy) river.

6. Hydro and aero-massage pools. Mainly located in the central area and along the opening wall.

7. Recreation area along the sliding facade.

Swimming pools area

The complex has several swimming pools, one fifty-meter pool, two twenty-meter and one small pool for relaxation.

All pools are all-welded and have a stainless steel bowl.

Relaxation pool overlooks the facade of the building and has one wall made ​​entirely of glass


The complex has several gym zones for various sports at different floors including the fitness center.


There is a large spa area on the fourth floor.

Restaurants and cafes

There are several cafes scattered throughout the complex. There is a restaurant with a large terrace on the top floor. In the area of ​​water park you can find the aquabar where visitors can relax, being right in the water.



On the ground floor there is a shopping arcade leading to the entrance to the water park. There are illuminators in the ceiling of the corridor gallery built into the bottom of the pools.

The ground floor also has shops with entrances directly from the street. They are located along the north side of the building.

The underground level has a large sports hypermarket. You can go down from main lobby using the escalators.


The area in front of the main facade

The whole right side of the square is active and dedicated to water. There you can find the area with fountains gushing out of the ground, spray park area with designer stainless steel elements of which squirt water streams. Close to the glass cube with media facade located small pond depth of 10 cm. This pond looks like a continuation of the pool inside the cube.

Left-hand side is a recreation zone. It is designed for relaxing and socializing. Therefore it is saturated with low lawns and landscaping. The closer to the facade the greater the area of ​​gardening. Behind the facade of this part is also a zone of recreation and cafes, so the outside landscaping is a continuation of what is inside (as in the case of the right-hand side).


Pedestrian zones along the long facades

Along the long south-western faсade there is pedestrian and recreation area as this side is well lit by the sun. It consists of three parts:

1. Buffer landscaping along the facade.

2. Recreation area with playgrounds, benches and landscaping. You can for example put table tennis, play chess, dance, conduct any activities or just relax and socialize.

3. Broad sidewalk. It is designed for transit passage of people to other objects of Luzhniki Olympic Complex.


Area on the part of a Grand Sports Arena

This area remains an open space for events.

Directly along the facade there is a recreation area with playgrounds, benches and landscaping. Part of this area is formed of terraces with ladders.