Sharikopodshipnikovskaya Residential Complex Concept in Moscow

Architects: Aleksei Goriainov, Mikhail Krymov, Ekatherina Schelokova

Design: 2014


Setting the task

1.     Avoid  the depressive industrial atmosphere of the area project is located in.

2.     Achieve stylistic and ideological unity of the residential buildings and the reconstructed office building to make whole complex act as an ensemble.

3.     Create a comfortable living environment with a predominance of green area.


The idea

We believe that the residential complex should be in a harmony with the reconstructed office building. Style we use refers to the Nederland architecture with its idea of comfortable and quite residential environment with stylish facades. Also this style refers to the style of the reconstructed industrial buildings in Europe. It gives the feeling that building has its own unique history and it is connected profoundly with the surrounding area. It would not be reasonable to make the residential complex look bright and remarkable because it can cause the conflict with the industrial area.

The façade of the one residential unit is elongate so we made a decision to divide it on a small areas to create the image of the building  which is consist of some small buildings set on each other as the cubes.

To create the complex silhouette of the building we project some residential blocks with complicated structure with terraces on the upper floors. This method allows to escape the monotony of a long silhouette. For the same purpose we took away one highest residential block. Also it serves the idea to provide more sunlight penetrating in the courtyard area.


Land improvement

The main principle is less roads more green areas. Whole courtyard is public accessible area divided on the zones:

1.     Green areas

2.     Pedestrian areas, which fades into the green areas by special paving slabs

3.     Looped route around the perimeter of the complex for skating, cycling and walking

4.     Playground areas

5.     Spot zones