Sleepbox hostel edition

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Area: 3.75 m2 

Аrchitects: Aleksei Goriainov, Mikhail Krymov 

Design: 2009


This type of Sleepbox is designed for use in hostels. It provides a minimum of functions, and is equipped only with electrical outlets and lighting. Flexible ducts are connected to a general ventilation system. Case is made of laminated moisture-resistant MDF, which finishes a frame of wooden beams. Sleepbox for hostels has a bunk bed. The concept of the hostel is as follows: large interior without walls filled with sleepboxes instead of building separate facilities-rooms. This allows economizing on construction and finishing works and significantly reducing the time spent on construction. In addition it will allow very efficient use of available space and, if necessary, quickly change the plan. This solution also allows increasing the number of seats smoothly and without causing any inconvenience to guests.