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Mikhail Krymov & Alexey Goryainov, Arch group bureau founders

Arch group architecture bureau was founded in Moscow in 2007 by two Russian architects Mikhail Krymov and Alexey Goryainov.
With both of them being the Union of Architects members, our team consists of about 20 enthusiastic professionals.

Our team’s goal is to reveal the maximum of both aesthetic and functional potential of each of our projects, ensuring its proper implementation and taking into a great account the needs and requirements of a customer.

We believe that high quality architecture should not imply an extreme financial burden: being a result of an architect’s professional approach and interest, the excellence lies in achieving proper results by focusing on details and making sure that design documentation is being maintained elaborately.

The main area of activity of our bureau is divided between public interior design and architecture itself.
Arch group performs the whole scope of design works from consulting and building a concept to design documentation development of any type, as well as construction supervision.

Our projects have gathered professional awards and media recognition both locally and internationally.

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    Irina Cociuc,
    General Manager, Arch Group International LLC/Sleepbox

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    Vladimir Konstantinovich Zenkin,
    Сhief Engineer

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    Karim Vafin,
    Chief architect

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    Ksenia Boksberg,
    Lead architect

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    Maria Matyukina,

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    Andrey Zubkov,

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    Diana Fish,
    Architect/Designer, Sleepbox Project

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    Mikhail Ivliev,

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    Alisa Yurieva,

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    Kristina Karacharskova,

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    Anna Hludenyova,

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    Ekaterina Filkova,
    Administrative director, Sleepbox Project