Concept design of the micro-apartment based on module system

Concept design of the micro-apartment based on module system

Architects:  Aleksei Goriainov, Mikhail Krymov, Irina Cociuc, Ksenia Boksberg, Mikhail Ivliev, Artem Netsvetaev, Andrey Zubkov, Liudmila Gridneva, Ilya Lapin

Design: 2015

According to numerous researches in 30 years more than 50% of the world's population will live in cities. As a result, the problem of residential spaces comes up both in Russia and all around the world. Major metropolitan cities such as Moscow, New York, Tokyo, London, Paris are overpopulated. There is a lack of land for construction, so cities turn into large conglomerates and grow in breadth that does not solve the problem of affordable housing. Consequently, real estate prices grow every year, more and more citizens prefer low-cost small-sized housing nowadays.

Arch Group architects believe that size it is not the main thing, handled properly even a small space can be turned into a functional interior with lots of possibilities and make a small area of apartment its’ strong point.

In response to market trends and following customer wishes to “create a unique product which would be new to the real estate market," Arch group developed the project of standardized but convertible interior for micro-apartment. It is designed for 19 to 36 m2 apartments.

The main idea of standardized micro-apartment lies primarily in its accessibility for people who do not need large areas, for active and modern people who spend most of their time at work. This space is suitable for students, young families, office workers, employees of non-resident companies.

In the East there is a philosophy wherein furniture is understood as a moveable object, not as a fixed element of the interior. This approach is the most appropriate solution for a small apartment. The principle of modularity allows an apartment to fit into clients’ wishes and choose the best option of functionality, value and character of the interior for future owner.  Client can use website with configurator tool and select from a variety of ready-made variants or create his own. As a result, he will get a totally unique interior, in contrast to apartments that are sold with a standard finishing nowadays. At the same time the client can immediately see the cost of finished apartments. Configurator also shows the maximum number of things that can be stored in the apartment.

Furniture modules, which were specially designed for this project, can be easily combined with each other and are presented in a wide range of colors and materials. The modular system is the construction set. Thanks to special wall panels with grooves, owner of the apartment can easily mount his own combination of modules, as well as move them, add new items or change the facades.  The contents can be totally different varying from standard cabinets to cat house or a module for houseplants.

Not only modules are transformers here, furniture is too. Under the ceiling there is the second bed, where you can climb up with the ladder. Screen radiator can be raised up and used as a workplace. Sofa, consisted of three sections, can be converted into a double bed or be removed into the wall. In children’s room there is a single bed, which can be removed into wall and become a table. At the same time in such a small space there is full kitchen with built-in fridge, cooktop, sink and oven or dishwasher.

Here everything is thought out to the last detail and focused on space-saving: ironing board and dryer are hidden in closets, there is a folding bench in the hallway and there are special drawers for small items or cutlery in the dining table.

The light program is also unique. LED matrix, which forms a surface with a spectacular pattern, is located behind the matte surface of the ceiling. This visually expands the space, ceiling appears taller and room is illuminated more evenly. The modular system also has lighting - light boxes made of ground glass can be hung on the wall anywhere, just like other modules.

Architects developed several ready-made standard solutions for the interior, in case the owners of the apartment won’t be ready to think over the design. They can choose between: a minimalist decor in subdued colors, bright with dark brown and red for young people and the option with wood and pastel colors for the conservatives. However, any ready-made solution can be expanded or changed.