Competition project on Dom Melnikova's concept

Architects: Mikhail Krymov, Aleksei Goriainov, Timofey Shapkin

Project: 2013


Dom Melnikova is one of the most impressive example of Russian architectural monuments. However it needs a reconstruction. Its property matters are not enough clear that is why architecture admirers don’t have any possibility to visit or even to see closely this masterpiece, though this small construction in the center of Moscow has the world value.

We consider this situation to be hard to solve. Dom Melnikova as well as other effaceable and destroyable monuments in Russia and in Moscow have not been reconstructed and opened for public for a long time.

We don’t want to wait when Dom Melnikova will be destroyed by fire or other incidents. We think that people all over the world should have the possibility to visit this one of the latest constructivism masterpiece.

That is why we propose to move this monument to the world famous museum center in Europe. Thus it is necessary to hire out Dom Melnikova for 499 years with the obligation to reconstruct it and open as a museum. We hope that after this rent period the situation in Moscow will be changed the best way and it may be returned in its own place. But now it will be better to put it where it is more needed.

On the territory where Dom Melnikova was, we suggest creating the monument to architecture. Before that there was just an empty territory full of concrete.

We have participated in the competition on Dom Melnikova’s concept. The exhibition was opened at the 15th of May 2013 in Shchusev State Musum of Architecture. You are welcome to come and admire our drastic project.