Project of TV Tower in Ekaterinburg

This project was designed by Arch Group to participate in the competition for the reconstruction of the TV tower in the city of Yekaterinburg.

Our version was awarded the Audience Choice Award according the results of the voting.


Architects: Aleksei Goriainov, Mikhail Krymov, Andrey Polyakov

Design: 2013


Visualisation   Airchitects



The general approach

The tower has to become a unique symbol of the city. It should become a center of attraction for people from new interesting and useful features, which are reflected in its futuristic design.

We believe that none of the possible functions will not be able to recoup a major reconstruction of the tower. Therefore, to focus on the commercial function initially does not make sense, so creating something that will improve the image of the city should be in the first place for this project.

The proposed concept of the tower will give the city a new impetus to the development not only at the expense of interesting architectural solutions, but also of its innovative features.

Museum of the Future

In the hill-podium there is a museum dedicated to the future of Yekaterinburg.

It exhibited with all the current projects of the city and its infrastructure, as well as individual projects of buildings and structures. Such museum allows you to see the nearest possible future of the city and to monitor how it is implemented in practice.

Thus the tower with the museum of the future becomes the ideological center of development, urban beacon pointing the right direction for the future development of the city.

In addition to the museum complex is equipped with meeting rooms, a cinema, a cafe, exhibition spaces, lecturers and facilities for co-working. This will create a positive environment that will help to facilitate the introduction of new initiatives that stimulate the activity of officials, businesses and citizens in urban projects.

Tower - the chronicler.

Cameras mounted on the tower, will take a full panorama of the city every hour, joining it in one interactive file.

It will create a visual chronicle of the city, which then can be viewed by learning taking place day-to-day changes.

Also, cameras react to different bright events (fireworks, meteor, etc.) and start shooting.

Panoramas are made available for viewing via the Internet.

With using the panoramas citizens can make navigation telling about individual objects.

Spiral review

The tower height of 200 m in the center of the city at its core is an ideal tool for viewing. This function can be efficiently implemented by installing "spiral Review" at the basic of the tower as an analogue of the usual Ferris wheel, but without the inherent flaws.

As such, the attraction will not spoil the panorama with a typical giant "bicycle" wheel, and create an interesting and unique architectural object.

Booths slowly rise to the top in a spiral around the tower, and then, without stopping, go down in another downward spiral. However, they give an opportunity to see the full panorama of the city.

Spiral turns up compacted, allowing to rise quickly at first, and then, once at the top, slowly explore the city.

Landing in the booth is a made in a special terminal, which has a long horizontal landing platform.

Cabs are not closely attached to the tower, but on the brackets, hovering above the ground, which improves visibility and enhances the feel of visitors.

The construction of the tower leads to the evacuation of visitors at any time, wherever they left off booths, as there is always horizontal communication with the tower. Booths are moving on rails, hidden behind the outer shell that protects against rain and snow, which will allow to use it all year round . Behind this cover are also bridges to evacuate people from the booths to the nearest entrance to the tower.

Observation deck.

At the top of the tower have to be a lookout, as the highest point from which to see the city. Thus there should not be any objects above it, such as spiers, etc. Visitors get to the deck on the elevator.

The observation deck has three levels connected by stairs and an additional lift. The upper level is completely covered with a glass dome.

The lower level can be placed will paid terminals, control special moving cameras with high resolution and telephoto lenses that will replace the usual fee telescopes. Cameras can move around the tower on  guide rails. They allow you to take quality pictures and send them directly by e-mail or download from tower website with the help of sms code.

The average level of the observation deck can be equipped with machines for drinks and food, the terminals with information about the city and its facilities.


In our view the tower should not be a static monument, but a living entity. To do this, we add one more function - clock. To be visible from any point around the tower, clock are placed on the "head" of the tower on two rotating rings with large luminous numerals on them. One ring shows the hours, the other - minutes. Thus tower "lives" and sets the pulse of urban life.