Car Sales and Service Centre, Moscow

(In cooperation with ABTB)

Architects: Aleksei Goriainov, Timur Bashkaev

Site Area:  25800 sq m

Total Area:  39100 sq m

Project Development: 2003

Construction: 2003


The automobile showroom and office center is located at the intersection of the General Dorokhov street and the Moscow Beltway, in the Ochakovo-Matveevskoe region, the Western Administrative District. 
The 2.58-ha construction area is a trapezoid. On the south, the site adjoins the Dorokhov street, on the west – the Moscow Beltway. On the north, the site adjoins a park area with an elongated pond. The narrow eastern side leads to the urban development along the General Dorokhov street.
The entrance to the parking lot driveway is on the Moscow Beltway side. The entrance to the office center driveway is on the General Dorokhov street.


The complex consists of three buildings:

  1. Small automobile showroom and service center,     3300 sq m
  2. Large automobile showroom and service center,     5800 sq m
  3. Office center,                                                     30 000 sq m

Showrooms and service centers are situated on the west side of the lot and enjoy an unobstructed view from the Moscow Beltway. The office center is located in the eastern part and has convenient driveway entrances from the city side. The building has 9 above-the-ground floors and a spacious inner courtyard.  

The main showroom building has a large glass facade.

he car storage lot is located on the utilized roof and is covered with a windscreen made of light metal, which also protects the main showroom from the elements and direct sunlight.