Reconstruction of a sports complex with Golden Tulip hotel in Moscow region

Architects: Aleksei Goriainov, Mikhail Krymov, Irina Cociuc, Karim Vafin, Ksenia Boksberg, Diana Fish, Andrey Zybkov, Mikhail Ivliev, Kristina Karacharskova, Anna Hludeneva

Design: 2016


The hotel consists of two parts – residential building with rooms and public building (multifunctional conference halls, restaurants).

The best picturesque views from the hotel (ponds, hills and a park) open to the north and it’s necessary to expand these views maximally, so the facade of the residential building from the park and the gable façade of the building should be opened and made of glass as much as possible. The main view from the driveway opens public and business parts, so the public building should be more strict, closed and protected. Accordingly, it must be made of less glass, but still open and inviting.

The south façade from the road should be more private and quiet. It is necessary to build many balconies and/or loggias to be able to watch beautiful views from every hotel room and to enhance the interaction with nature. Especially, it is important for the façade from the park side.

We suggest several options for planning of the standard hotel rooms. All of the proposed plans can be applied to each option of the façade or to be combined with each other.

The semi-basement is the darkest and loudest place, people will constantly walk along these rooms, and this will create an uncomfortable atmosphere. Therefore, we place the standard rooms with private access to the park through a private courtyard there, to compensate these disadvantages.

The standard rooms are located from the 1st to 5th floor. The superior rooms with large windows and terraces / balconies with a larger area are located from the 6th to 7th.

Finishing materials, such as wood for creating a comfortable and country character of the hotel, and glass to accentuate a modern style and make the façade more open to nature. Colors are also needed to be close to nature, to enhance the natural associations.

It is important that the residential building should be different from the office building and needs to be made of wood and other natural materials or materials that mimic natural; the structure of the façade with balconies and terraces must be more complex.