Project of museum "Gazprom Transgas Ekaterinburg"

Architects: Aleksei Goriainov, Mikhail Krymov, Irina Cociuc, Alexey Polyakov

Design: 2013


Case overlook.

The current layout of the floor where the museum is expected to be placed, has The project aim is to create an integrated space, allowing to organize continuous exposure. It is offered to dismantle all the load-bearing partitions around lift landing, except bar and rooms at the end of the passage, for it. Museum space is divided into separate thematic zones by glass case.

Visual and style concept.

Stylistic concept is created by three main groups:

  • Ceiling
  • Exposure Complex, walls
  • Floor

Ceiling is the main unitive element, that can’t perform an exposure function. That is why a luminous, flickering blue light “tube”, that runs through the museum, is proposed to be placed on the ceiling.The tube is made of matte acryl plastic with RGB LED lights. Due to the fact, that all the LEDs are controlled, we can create an effect of continuous motion of gas inside the tube.

Exposure complex consist of:

  • Classic graphic and textual information in terms of images, maps, plans, etc.

  • Material exhibits, like personal effects and simulators or mechanism details.

  • Multimedia audiovisual complex in terms of monitors and projection screens.

  • Interactive objects, such as tables with the function of touch screen, interactive projections, models, etc.

It is provided to use self-leveling  floor with the aim of applicating graphic in terms of a map of gas transmission system with main objects. The main floor background colors are white and light gray.