Concept of reconstruction of sport and health complex "PRO-Zdorovie"

Architects:  Aleksei Goriainov, Mikhail Krymov, Irina Cociuc, Ksenia Boksberg, Mikhail Ivliev, Karim Vafin, Andrey Zubkov

Design: 2015


Sport and health complex "PRO-Zdorovie" is located on the territory of “Taezhny” park in Losinoostrovsky district of Moscow. Park (16 ha) is popular among citizens due to the natural sight – pines. Pine forest with its meadows and fringes is a place with great ecology. People enjoy spending time on sport grounds and playgrounds which are located there. However, there are not enough recreational open spaces. Moreover, park is poorly lit and has not so many places for rest.

Major customer request was to develop park’s infrastructure by creating extra places for leisure time activities and to reconstruct the main building of "PRO-Zdorovie" complex, which was built more than 30 years ago.

Good ecology and closeness to nature became a starting point of this project. Architects bet on eco-materials, simple hardscape elements that have natural forms and essential link between architecture and nature.

It has been decided to transform the main building by dissembling 40% of old facade and construct on its place stained glass windows, aluminum lamels and ornamental panels with wood structure. This design perfectly matches with surrounding pine forest. Moreover, trees and park landscape reflect on glass surface of the facade, which shows a harmonious combination between nature and manmade.

It was also important to design a terrace near the main entrance. Terrace decking, café and landscape gardening will transform this zone and give it an accent.  Also it was needed to construct restaurant terrace on the ground floor and couple of terraces on the roof. In this project terraces are playing zoning role and also are transitional elements between interior and nature. It is important to note that these terraces are multifunctional – they are suitable for both banquet and yoga classes.

Organization of children’s zone on the territory of complex was also among the main tasks. This zone contains of terrace with forest section, where playgrounds are located, mini zoo and other activities for children. All elements here are also eco-styled with an accent on natural colors and textures.

Also on the territory of park there is spa-complex and dozens of sports grounds and footpaths. In future park will be surrounded by sports path for jogging, rollerblading and cycling. Also there would be few pavilions where people would drink water from mineral spring all around the park.

Sensible territory zoning and park development would change the park in the best way and make it appeal to the citizens. Outdoor activities zoning (cycling, yoga and other sports) and recreational open spaces (walks, book crossing, open-air cinema), hardscape elements (benches, pavilions, lighting) would uncover the beauty of this place filling it up with comfort that all together will attract district inhabitants and citizens of the whole city.