Architect's dream. Project for a Picnic Afisha. Moscow, 2014

Architects: Aleksei Goriainov, Mikhail Krymov, Vitaly Verbitsky

Design: 2014


Any architectural structure, from the ancient to the most advanced and sophisticated, is built on the laws of gravity and totally submits to them. This law can not be avoided, no matter how it is desirable. Although modern architecture is constantly trying to demonstrate that the laws of gravity for it is not so important, but it is no more than tricky visual and constructive techniques. Freedom from gravity is still a dream.

Our pavilion impervious to the forces of gravity. On the contrary, it tends to get off the ground and rush into the space where you can create the most incredible facilities. This is a dream come true modern architect full freedom of creativity. So we called it "Architect's dream".

The only thing that keeps the pavilion on the ground is thin threads. Anyone can pull them and feel that the shape of the entire structure only in his hands, that now his will replace the force of gravity and the architecture is completely in his power.