The conception of the ”Megafon’s” company pavilion competition project in Olympiiskii Park for the winter Olympic games in Sochi 2014

Architects:  Aleksei Goriainov, Mikhail Krymov

Design: 2012

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Visualisation:   Airchitects


In 2013 the company “Megafon” organized the competition on construction its pavilion in Olympiiskii Park for the winter Olympic games in Sochi 2014. Our group presented the project which aim was to use sport component in the pavilion structure.

We proposed to make a mini-route for the tubing descent on an ice chute.This mini-route is in a tube and surrounds the pavilion spirally. Thus this project underlines the mobile conception and the possibility to use the Internet on the run and besides it attracts visitors who would like to try this amazing attraction.

During the Olympic games visitors have the only possibility to admire beautiful sport buildings and competitions inside them. Instead the pavilion represents a mini sport building which may be used by any visitor who wants to come down the slide. In addition this pavilion looks very effective and dynamic as big buildings look that is why it attracts visitors. In the evening and at night the tube is illuminated making the pavilion more interesting and noticeable. The ice chute has the LED illumination inside ice which makes the effect of light spots action. The images are projected on the pavilion’s surface using the principal of video mapping which helps to create the most impressive special effects like moving bobsleighters and mountain skiers.

Beside the slide in the tube there is a pedestrian ramp which goes upstairs in the hall B2G. From the hall visitors may view the happenings in a cinema hall on the ground floor. In addition it represents a viewing point from which all sport buildings of Olympiiskii Park are seen. It is possible to take a lift from the ground floor to come to this hall. The entrance to the pavilion and to the cinema hall is in the tube in its beginning. Other pavilion’s rooms are situated in the entrance zone as well.