The Redevelopment of Radio Manufacturing Plant n.a. A.S. Popov, Omsk

Architects: Aleksei Goriainov, Mikhail Krymov, Irina Cociuc, Elena Utkina, Timofey Shapkin, Vitaly Verbitsky

Design: 2014


Visualisation   Airchitects



The main idea

The plant is the current intensively developing enterprise producing unique high-tech equipment. Thus the main objective of the project - the creation of an image that will continue to be associated with the company and its high-tech products. In our understanding the complex of buildings must be clearly different from the usual impersonal office buildings as behind it there are a complex manufacturing process and highly responsible scope of products. In this case the building should look the most modern and easily recognizable.

The conception

The main idea of ​​the project - the creation of a single, solid and well- marked object. This will :

1. Increase the visual scale of the entire complex. That is a symbol of the plant will not be one of the buildings or group of buildings but one large and well-marked object.
2. Avoid conflict of volumes and facade solutions.
3. Give you a feeling of scale events occurring inside the plant .

Single object becomes the lower part of the complex which is a one-piece, elongated facade of tinted outside almost black glass illuminated with individual elements of stained glass. This image of a conventional high-tech device clearly having a difficult stuffing and performing very important functions. This facade is clearly different from typical office buildings and will make you understand that everything that happens inside is very different from the usual administrative and office life. That is exactly what we want - to ensure that the building looked seriously and convincingly.

In this facade has vertical colored elements that make it an attractive, modern and comfortably for perception. They are highlighted in the evening and at night creating an image of some signals, pulses penetrating the air.

In the central part of the whole complex we create a high volume of flat to accommodate large video screens. This placement of the screen in the first place making it more readable from the road when driving in both directions and secondly does not block facades.

Accomplishment of territory

It is necessary to form a territory level of improvement which will correspond to the level of the building. Need to create the most comfortable environment for people based on the location of parking.

We are forming a broad, convenient pedestrian area in front of the facade so that people did not have to get in between parked cars. This zone has a high-quality paving, lawns and equipped with benches and lighting fixtures. All three entrances will go to this comfortable, landscaped area free of cars. Existing trees are preserved. Closer to the road formed a parking space.