Pavilion "Panel nostalgia"

Architects : Aleksei Goriainov, Mikhail Krymov

Pictures used in the project: Frank Herfort

Pavilion material: foam, finished under concrete

Dimensions: 3x3x3 meters

Copyright Photo: Arch Group


Pavilion "Panel nostalgia" was created for the XXI International Architectural Festival "Architecture", the theme of which for 2013 is announced as "National Landscape".

This cube 3 by 3 meters, assembled from standard concrete panels with standard windows and balcony openings without glass. The inner walls are pasted with enlarged images of a typical domestic interior that has not been changed much since the 1980s. At the central fotoprint you can see a grandmother, sitting down on the bed and looking at a family photo album.

We think that national Russian architectural landscape today is not formed with historical buildings, monuments and outstanding buildings in recent years. His foundation are typical residential buildings that create a monotonous and depressing urban environment, devoid of an individual approach. Wherever you are in Russia: Moscow, Khabarovsk or Brest kilometers of same panel constructions will surround you.