"Druzhba" Cultural Centre in Moscow

Architects: Aleksei Goriainov, Mikhail Krymov, Konstantin Kuhranov, Elena Utkina, Anton Pozhnikov

Project and building: 2014




Case Overlook

Cultural Centre "Druzhba" has been built in the 50s. It has a square layout. The main construction material is brick, façades are plastered and decorated with dark horizontal lines. Interior decoration is ordinary: painted walls, laminate flooring, standard tiles and granite. 



1. The creation of modern platform for communication and sharing ideas and experiences.

2. The organization of local cultural communities. 

3. The foundation of multi-functional space for different kind of events, exhibitions, concerts of public significance .


Project concept

1. The creation of common positive image of  Cultural Centres.

2. The organization of the open involving space. The visual connection of different functions instead of isolated areas.

3. Friendly and available for free platform.

4. Digital equipment and modern cosy finishings to create an environment that encourages innovation and communication. 

5. The development of nearby open spaces for different kind of activities.

6. The creation of a special atmosphere where people want to spend their free time.