The concept of the hotel Radisson Blu Moscow Riverside Hotel&SPA

Architects: Aleksei Goriainov, Mikhail Krymov, Irina Cociuc, Karim Vafin, Christina Karacharskova, Anna Chludeneva

Design: 2015

Visualisation :Airchitects


Urban solution

Building is located on the promontory at the confluence of the Moskva River and the river Shodnya. The building follows the direction given by the coastline and topography. Taking a curved shape, the building is an extension of the natural landscape. This arrangement provides the best views from the hotel rooms.

The building is located as close to the coastline as the exclusion planning restrictions and fire detour allow. Approach to the building and entrance for visitors is from the yard. To create a good view of the entrance was arranged an arched doorway in the level of 1-2 floors, which is directed towards trees and river.

The building can be seen while driving on the highway Volokolamsk, Moscow. From this angle the building has the most expressive silhouette.

Architectural - Design solutions

The hotel consists of two parts - the main building with rooms and background-house and building of the business center in the form of an artificial hill.

Hotel building

The main volume - the hotel building with a capacity. It has the shape of an arc, with the inclined middle part, variable height.

On the first floor there are 2-5 rooms short stay. In the 4-16-zhah - long-term stays. On 16-18 floors with luxury apartments (penthouses).

The inclined shape of the facade from the river allows you to organize the terrace. On the lower floors terraces become larger. It compensates River View, fenced by tall trees.

Overhanging part of the building from the courtyard is a natural protection against rain for guests.

The main room fund has a one-sided orientation towards the area. Part of the short-stay rooms are located on floors 2-4, are oriented toward the yard with a green roof of the business center, which limits the unfavorable view of the industrial area.


The building of the business center

The building of the business center, located in the courtyard, is a continuation of an artificial landscape. From the hotel it looks like green hills with low vegetation. Glazed facade facing the outer passage where participants drive up for business activities. Entrance to the business center is also organized from the basement level. The building includes a parking lot for the hotel complex, with the use of underground space.


Energy efficiency

The complex of measures on energy efficiency includes the following solutions:

• On the southern facade - the use of multi-sun energy-saving glass type AGC iplus Energy NT, Russian production ("Klin Glass Factory")

• On the northern facade - the use of energy-saving glass type AGC Planibel Top NT, Russian production ("Klin Glass Factory")


Environmentally friendly

The complex of measures for sustainability provides the following solutions:

• Greening the roof of business center in compensation and aesthetic perception of the hotel rooms.

• The green terraces on the roof of the hotel building for luxury apartments - penthouses.

• The use of plants in pots on the balcony on the south side.

• Pre-emptive use of locally produced materials, to minimize impact on the environment during transport. For example, the use of Russian-made glass ("Klin Glass Factory").

• The use of one-component construction and finishing materials, such as aluminum front panels and rails for fences with imitation wood grain, can be recycled and reused. Composite materials that can not be easily recycled, is substantially used.

• The use of materials long life, confirmed by certificates

• The use of rational planning solutions for improvement, do not allow surface runoff into the river.